How to shop at TipsterGate?

To purchase tips, you must first sign in to your account.

Simply select tips, tipsters, preferred periods, and then click Subscribe Tips and the Make a Payment button to guide you through the cashier process.

If the payment is successful, you will see the tips immediately.


What payment options does TipsterGate offer?

We offer a range of secure payment options. The most popular are credit / debit card, bank transfer, Paysafecard and Bitcoin.


How to change currency?

By default, the currency is set to EUR (the official currency of the euro area in the European Union) but you can change it if you wish.

The "Currency" button appears next to the "CARD" icon at the bottom right of the page. Click on it to see the drop-down menu and change your currency easily.


Are my personal data safe?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

All your account data is securely secured and will never be shared with any third party. is 100% committed to your security.


Who can sell tips on TipsterGate ?

 It's free to sign up and list your tips. However you have to be a verified tipster in order to be able to sell your tips and of course have good results that attract customers.

You can sell your tips on TipsterGate from almost any location worldwide as long as you have a bank account where you can receive your earnings.